Monday, November 19, 2012

"Can I Hold Your Hand?"

I LOVE Despicable Me! What a cute, fun movie! As the youngest of three girls, I have a special appreciation for movies, shows, books, or practically anything that tells a story of sisters, especially three sisters. And yes, I have a soft spot for the baby of the family!

Besides the fact that Agnes is the youngest of three girls, I love her innocence. Some of my favorite moments are the times when she is walking along holding her eldest sister Margo's hand. But my favorite of all favorite parts?

She sees Gru's hand, looks up, and says, "Can I hold your hand?" I have to stifle an "Awwwwww!!!" every time! Sure, she's cute. But how can you not love what is represented in that seemingly simple question?

I have always felt so special when a little child feels comfortable enough to reach up and hold my without MY asking. Often, I have needed to instruct a child to hold my hand while walking through a crowd or crossing a street. But how nice it is to not have to tell a child to hold your hand! I remember several years ago, I was helping to take care of a little girl, who was probably about 5 years old. I'll never forget when we had to walk somewhere unfamiliar to her, and she instinctively reached up to hold my hand. It was wonderful to feel that little hand voluntarily slip into mine. Why? Because it showed that she trusted me. I didn't have to force her to trust me. It was a trust demonstrated by choice.

Many a time, the Lord has had to tell me to hold His hand. Often, I would go through a place where I could not make it on my own, and the Lord had to remind me that He knew the way and that He could lead me. My typical response was to comply, because I knew He knew what was best for me. But what if I didn't wait until the Lord told me to place my hand in His? Just as I feel good when a child trusts me enough to take my hand without my giving instructions to do so, I am sure the Lord is even more pleased when His child voluntarily slips her hand into His.

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